Natra is made from cocoa, passion and values

Learn about our company’s mission, vision and values

We deliver outstanding chocolate and cocoa solutions for leading retailers & branded manufacturers with excellence, safety, high quality standards and passionate people, contributing to make worldwide consumers’ dreams come true.

Spreading our passion for chocolate around the world.


Our Values


We have solid principles and a strong commitment to both society and the planet. We improve the lives of our workers and their communities and support our suppliers with social, environmental and ethical practices.


We set ourselves high standards, maintaining and constantly improving performance levels for our customers, simplifying ingredients, designing eco-friendly packaging, using renewable resources and applying the most demanding health & safety measures.


We work together to achieve our objectives, sharing information, supporting and recognising the contribution each member of the organisation makes in pursuit of our common goals.


We create and promote new ways of doing things and new opportunities to grow our business.


We truly believe our talented people can create solutions to transform our company, our market and society.
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