Concern for the community

Committed to improving living standards

Cocoa-producing communities are part of our vision. For Natra, spreading the passion for chocolate around the world includes improving fair trade, developing local cooperatives and looking after the most vulnerable sectors of society.

Our achievements last year


contribution to fight COVID-19 in vulnerable populations

Our goals for 2026

2% investment

of our net profits in cocoa communities (access to education, basic health services, electricity and promotion of greener/forest-friendly agriculture)

Investing in the community’s future

We invest 1% of our net profits in projects for the communities in the countries where we source our raw materials and those living near our factories.

In 2020 we invested €440,000 to protect vulnerable populations against COVID-19 and we used 1% of our profits to reforest cocoa-growing regions in Peru.

Because chocolate should always be a source of happiness, both for those who drink it and those who produce it.

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