Environmental Concern

Respecting nature

At Natra we know that we owe everything to nature, for that’s where our cocoa comes from. We’re firmly committed to biodiversity, reforestation, renewable energy, waste minimisation and the fight against deforestation.


Our achievements last year

More than 91%

of our paper packaging comes from “sustainable” forests

93% packaging recycling
More than 25%
of the energy

we consume comes from renewable sources

Our goals for 2026

Carbon neutral

(compensation of carbon emissions from our gas & electricity consumption)

20% energy reduction

green electricity


recyclable or compostable packaging


Committed to using 100% green energy

In addition to using electricity from 100% renewable sources, we’ve improved the management of our factories to minimise water consumption and reduce energy consumption by 20%.


Becoming a carbon-neutral company

We will continue to reduce our carbon footprint until we offset 100% of our emissions through reforestation and conservation projects in cocoa-producing communities.


Innovating for the planet

Through our constant efforts in the field of innovation, our goal is for one out of every three of our products to comply with Natra’s sustainable and eco-friendly design policy.

100% of our packaging will be recyclable and all our sustainable wrappers will be made of paper.

100% of our packaging material is already sustainable.

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