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a Spanish multinational and one of the leading companies in Europe specialising in chocolate products for the private label brand and other food companies, as well as in cocoa derivatives.

Natra’s consumer goods division is responsible for the manufacturing of chocolate tablets, countlines, spreads and Belgian chocolates and specialities, which are commercialised mainly in Europe, with Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Spain and United Kingdom as main markets.

Consumer products

Developing a comprehensive and value-added product offer for our customers and the final consumers is our main motivation in Natra. This is the reason why we have been adding new product lines to our catalog over the last years, which currently includes slabs, countlines, spreads, chocolates and Belgian specialties.

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Industrial products

Natra is the main cocoa bean processor in Spain, responsible for 40% of the cocoa grinding in this country. 75 years of experience in producing the range of cocoa derivatives allow the company to fully ensure the complete product quality and customer satisfaction.

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Natra, a Spanish multinational and one of the leading European producers of chocolate confectionery and cocoa…

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Natra, a Spanish multinational company and one of the leading European producers of chocolate confectionery and…

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Natra is a company open to the world. Our international presence includes six production plants in Europe and Canada and a permanent commercial presence in Europe, USA and Asia, from which Natra serves its clients on the five continents.