Chocolate powder

Natra’s unique chocolate powder is made out of authentic chocolate,refined and conched following the traditional methods that yield the highest quality flavor and aroma.

It is an all natural chocolate that contains sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, defatted cocoa and natural vanilla extract.

Natra chocolate powder is presented in the most convenient format for the use in the industry as it is a free-flowing powder that facilitates production processes, with a consequent reduction in production costs. Besides, it is fat reduced, improving shelf stability and offering a great advantage in low fat applications.

TypeCharacteristics and most frequent use
Dark chocolate powder 69% cocoaBitter chocolate taste for dry mixes, puddings, mousses, chocolate syrups, chocolate icings, nutritional bars and ice creams.
White chocolate powderAuthentic and natural chocolate taste for white chocolate syrups, white chocolate icings, nutritional bars, dry mixes, puddings, mousses, ice creams and beverages.

Presentation: 25 Kg bags for dark chocolates and 20 kg bags for white chocolates.