Natra offers a wide range of products, from cocoa-derivative products to the most select variety of industrial and end-consumer chocolates. Decades of experience and the continuous updating of our processes and technological systems guarantee our consumers a constant quality and a range of products adapted to market trends.

At NATRA we live for chocolate.

Consumer products

Developing a comprehensive and value-added product offer for our customers and the final consumers is our main motivation in Natra. This is the reason why we have been adding new product lines to our catalog over the last years, which currently includes slabs, countlines, spreads, chocolates and Belgian specialties. Furthermore, the expertise of our many years of experience in the chocolate industry, joined to the work developed by the Marketing and R&D, enables us to offer high quality products tailored to the consumer demand in the different markets we operate.

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Industrial products

Natra is the main cocoa bean processor in Spain, responsible for 40% of the cocoa grinding in this country. 75 years of experience in producing the range of cocoa derivatives allow the company to fully ensure the complete product quality and customer satisfaction.

Natra controls all the processes in the manufacturing of the cocoa derivatives, from the selection and purchase of the grain up to completing the manufacturing of the cocoa-paste, powder and butter, as well as liquid and powder chocolate.

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