The industrial goods division of Spanish multinational Natra, which is specialized in the production and commercialization of cocoa- and chocolatederived products, has developed a new granulated chocolate powder, characterised by a greater degree of stability and ease of manipulation in industrial applications.

Natra has developed a new granulated chocolate powder that is stable at room temperature, which means that it does not melt at the temperature of traditional chocolates, thus maintaining its flowability. The product also retains all the essential ingredients of chocolate, thus ensuring all the flavour and colour of real chocolate while opening up a wide range of complementary applications to those permitted by products such as cocoa powder or defatted powdered chocolate.

As a powdered chocolate, the qualities of this new product position it in front of the value chain of the Industrial Goods Division of Natra, from which the company marketed up to date cocoapaste, powder and butter as well as liquid and solid chocolate coatings.

PDue to its stability and workable condition, this powdered chocolate is particularly suitable for applications in the pastries and ice cream industries. Its granulated powder texture also makes it highly suitable for mixing with liquids, thus facilitating its application in a long list of non-solid products, such as milkshakes.

Natra presented its new granulated chocolate powder during the Institute Food Technology 2012 Fair, which was held in Las Vegas (USA) towards the end of June. The new product was met with a highly positive reception by the North American industry.

The product is now available for manufacturing and Natra will shortly launch a presentation campaign for its clients, with a special focus to be placed on food-industry businesses in Europe and North America with a strong R&D presence in their production processes.

Natra’s industrial goods division is Spain’s leading cocoa bean miller and the largest national supplier of cocoa and semi-prepared products for industries which employ cocoa-derivates as ingredients (chocolate-, biscuit-, ice-cream-, dairy-product manufacturers, etc.). From the facilities of this division in Valencia (Spain), Natra produces more than 35 thousand tonnes per year of cocoa derivatives and chocolate coating, which the company markets in 60 countries on the 5 continents.

In 2011, the turnover of the Cocoa and Chocolate Business reached 327.13 million euros (+8.4% compared to 2010). The Industrial Goods Division’s sales grew by 4.3% to 84.2 million euros. 80.2% of the Division’s turnover is concentrated in Europe, which showed growth of 7.3% over 2010, while sales in markets outside of Europe grew by 3.4%

According to Natra CEO Mikel Beitia: “This new development forms part of Natra’s strategy to develop its own, innovative added-value offer in both its divisions (Industrial Goods and Consumer Goods), together with an increase in its trade relationships outside Europe, as was announced recently following new trade agreements established in United States and Asia”.

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