Natra, the multinational producer of chocolate and cocoa goods has participated in the 34th edition of Anuga, the largest business platform in the food industry. During its five days, the company has presented in Cologne a new portfolio in which innovation has played a key role, highlighting the Group’s commitment towards organic, premium and convenience products.

  • Natra introduces its bet on organic, premium and convenience products in line with its commitment to customer thru innovation
  • The pearl spheres and a range of three flavors of cream organic spreads were very well received by the Visitors of the Natra booth.
  • The stand doubled the number of visitors compared to the previous edition, demonstrating, if needed, that Natra is perceived as one of the leading and preferred companies in the cocoa sector.

Natra’s bet on its avant-garde stand attracted more than twice as many visits as the previous edition, consolidating its position as one of the leading companies in the cocoa sector. In fact, its portfolio has generated a great expectation among the 165,000 visitors to the trade show. Special interest has been shown by companies and business from Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa.

Anuga is an international reference fair where we can show our capacity for innovation in a very dynamic sector with great growth potential. A commitment with which we get close to our customers, because the goal is to continue advancing to offer at all times a quality product geared to their needs“, said Diego Olaetxea, Area Manager of the Natra spreads category.

Organic, convenience and premium products

Aware that consumers are demanding products in line with sustainability values, the company has featured some of its novelties for this year, as is its line of cream organic spreads with three flavors: hazelnut, milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

Likewise, Natra works for the sake of innovation to offer a finished product ready to be consumed with comfortable and portable packaging, for On-the-Go occasions. Example of this, are their traditional bars in a new packaging: boxes of 10 units wrapped individually. A product easy to transport and ideal for sharing that has aroused the interest of the many visitors to Anuga.

Another of the products that have attracted the attention among the visitors is related to Belgian specialties, which are distinguished by their Premium category. In particular, the spheres with pearlescent finish. A product presented in a triangular box with 15 pieces of truffles assorted with this velvety finish.