March 2024 – Every year, companies in France are publishing their gender equality results online.

Natra Saint-Étienne scores 92 points out of 100 on year 2023 regarding gender equality index in France. This excellent result is the consequence of an equal pay policy that has been implemented for years and is an integral part of the company’s strategy, values and culture.

The gender equality index includes 4 indicators:

  • Pay gap.
  • Difference in the rate of individual increases.
  • Percentage of employees returning from maternity leave who received an increase on their return.
  • Number of employees of the under-represented sex among the ten employees with the highest pay.

Because we believe that diversity, particularly gender diversity, is a source of enrichment and value creation for the company, we have continued our efforts to value and promote the place and role of women in our fac results of the 2023 index are an acknowledgement of the equal pay policy implemented for many years at Natra Saint-Étienne and which is an integral part of our strategy, values and corporate culture“, says Jose Ignacio Gómez, HR Director of Natra Group.

In addition to the remuneration and promotion policy, numerous actions will be strengthened in favour of gender diversity, such as raising awareness of managers and teams to these issues, programmes to support women in leadership development, among others.

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