Spanish listed multinational Natra, a reference in the manufacture of chocolate products and cocoa derivates, with a specialized approach to retailers and other food companies, published today on its website its commitment for 2020 on corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Further to the statement of the board of directors of Natra, approved in June last year, the company has worked in recent months on the core lines of its commitment to CSR, with special attention to five major areas: raw materials, and especially cocoa; environment protection; Natra’s team; society and healthy nutrition.

With regard to the supply of cocoa, Natra’s commitment up to 2020 will mainly focus on gradually increasing the purchase of certified cocoa until it represents 100% of the company’s consumption; promoting certification among the cocoa farmers cooperatives with whom Natra has relationships; participating in non-profit organisations that promote the protection of farmers and their families, as well as the effective organisation of the cooperatives to which they belong; and publishing information annually on the origin of the cocoa, indicating the proportion of the total that has been certified and the certification seals.

With regard to the environment, Natra’s commitment up to 2020 is to acquire 100% of the palm oil from plantations which are compatible with the survival of tropical forests; to promote the rational use of natural resources, with special emphasis on reducing energy and water consumption; to measure the carbon footprint of each of our products; to buy green energy whenever possible; to use cardboard produced via appropriate and socially-beneficial environmental management; and to promote the re-use of all waste generated.

In relation to the team, Natra’s commitment will focus on reporting on occupational health, safety and training indicators; developing, standardising and promoting conciliation and equality policies; and maintaining and improving where necessary the ratios relating to employee permanence in the company.

Natra’s commitment up to 2020 with its communities of influence provides for an increase in the collaboration with organisations working directly for the welfare of the population in countries where the company sources cocoa; the establishment of ongoing collaboration with local food banks; and the promotion of sponsorship activities related to sport and healthy living.

In relation to the promotion of healthy nutrition, Natra’s commitment up to 2020 will focus on the elimination of trans fats; the replacement of artificial aromas with 100% natural aromas; the reduction of salt content; and the complete avoidance of artificial colorants.

Above all, Natra’s CSR objectives aim to be specific and realistic. In order to guarantee progress in this area, Natra has established not only specific targets, but also the deadlines by which they are to be met. Since 2013, Natra has aimed to establish measurable objectives that allow us to fulfil our commitment to 2020 and to measure their progress year after year.

As one of the first steps, Natra has adhered to the United Nations Global Compact, an international initiative that promotes the implementation in entrepreneurial activities of ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour standards, environment and anti-corruption.

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