For the fifth consecutive year, Natra has lent its support to a project that the Amigó Foundation has developed in Côte d’Ivoire, which offers educational support to children at risk of social exclusion.

The donation will provide economic support to the Amigo Doumé Centre, located in the country’s capital city, which welcomes homeless and abused children, orphans, child victims of conflict, and child victims of exploitation, offering them social and educational support, An education focused around learning a trade, using workshops and basic lessons regarding literacy and learning for life.

The idea of this partnership was born six years ago, during the Christmas season in 2011. Thousands of seasonal greeting cards were sent to clients and suppliers each year, a tradition that generated an excessive and unnecessary paper consumption. Since then, Natra sends more than 5,000 digital greeting cards each year, foregoing the need to produce and post so many cards, instead repurposing that budget for charitable purposes in Côte d’Ivoire, which is the origin for the majority of the cocoa used by Natra in the manufacturing of its products.

The AMIGÓ Foundation, founded in 1996, aims to help children and teenagers who encounter problems. This Foundation has a presence in 21 countries throughout America, Asia, Europe, and Africa.