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At Natra, we’ve been devoted to chocolate since 1943, constantly keeping up with new consumer trends and committing ourselves to excellence in the production of our extensive range of products.

Better For You

Consumers are increasingly concerned about looking after themselves and the environment, yet they are not willing to give up great flavour. At Natra we have evolved to keep pace with consumer trends, developing a delicious range of vegan, organic, sugar-free and low lactose products.

Vegan chocolate

Natra has V-Label certification for its range of 100% vegan ingredients and products (tablets and spreads) with the same chocolate taste as always.


More and more people are removing sugar from their diet. That’s why we offer all kinds of sugar-free solutions with all the enjoyment of quality chocolate.


For many consumers, taking care of themselves also means taking care of the planet and consuming products directly from nature, without additives or preservatives. That’s why we developed our organic product range.

Low lactose milk chocolate

Does reducing lactose intake mean giving up the pleasure of chocolate? Not at all, and the proof is in our products made from milk alternatives.

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